Treating injury and clicker

Because of the trust I’ve built with Raven and asking her to target things she’s afraid of, I got the opportunity to use “Spurrs Big Fixx” spray on a scrape she got on her leg.  She was afraid at first simply because she was hurt and I was getting close to it, so I had her target the bottle with her nose at first, then put the bottle pointed at her leg clicking and rewarding for her standing still and got closer and closer.  Of course, the spray made her jump as I’m guessing it stung a little, but with regular click/treat, and not allowing her to be too much of a baby about it..  as in, I sprayed a little a few times fast vs..  creeping in and spraying a teeny bit.  She did GREAT!  So happy with her trust that I’m not going to do anything to hurt her and that she doesn’t freak out and run me over.  =)


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