Showing off tricks

Raven’s pen is pretty dry now that the snow is gone and the sun has been out.   We had a guest from out of state, so I set up Raven’s cones and we worked on her weaves, leading at liberty, direction changes and then the lay down.  This is only the 3rd time I asked her for this (picking up her front leg and touching her shoulder) and with a click for encouragement to go down, she laid down within about 20 seconds.  Major jackpot for laying down and then I backed away, so she could get up when she wanted.  So happy she will do this on command now!

I have also downloaded the April Agility course and hope to get in some training and enter her in her first Starter course before the end of the month!  If you like reading about Raven, subscribe to her blog, so you are notified via email when I post!

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