Raven eating grass from the creek. She loves the water!

A beautiful, black Red Rock Lakes mare born wild in 2010 (est. by BLM), but vets have put her at 1 yr. younger (2011).   She was delivered to my chosen TIP trainer in July, 2014 and officially adopted in September, 2014.  When I picked her up from her TIP trainer I was told that she had grown a few more inches since I adopted her at 16.1 hh, so she's a BIG girl.

Raven is the sweetest, most lovable mare; she is smart, tries hard in training with her favorite thing being direction changes from the ground.  Ever heard a horse nicker when being asked to move shoulder or do a side pass?  Raven does!  She also lays down, weave around traffic cones, gives kisses, hugs, can pick up each front leg when I put up the same leg in front of her - plus, she will dance by crossing her front legs side to side.  ALL taught with clicker training!

I love how Raven chooses to put her gear on and does all the things I ask of her - Go to the Gallery page to see videos of what she can do.

She does not mug for treats because she's been taught from the start that mugging gets her nothing.  When she's excited for training, sometimes she'll go through all the things she knows before I even ask her to do anything to see what will get her a treat....  which is none of them because I didn't ask for anything.  =)

I only put a smiley there because of the importance of knowing WHEN to click, and WHEN to treat.  Trying to keep my opinion out of this page (except for 'about me'), but this is one of them:  The reason clicker training fails for some horses is because the trainer does not teach the horse that bad or unwanted behavior doesn't get rewarded, but good behavior does.