Our 50th ride!

It may be small, but reaching the big FIVE – Oh was a proud moment for me!  This happened on June 9th, 2018 on a beautiful, sunny day this past weekend on a leisurely neighborhood outing from the house.  Bareback pad, Scoot Boots on the front feet and her pretty turquoise bitless bridle from Knot Just Rope.  About mid-ride Raven stopped and popped to attention and I couldn’t see anything, so thought “maybe that big mailbox stand is new”, but no…  a few  more steps and I see a big bull moose with large velvet covered antlers on the hill.  Raven and he stared at each other for a 15 seconds or so, then he trotted off into the woods, which made her feel much more comfortable and on we went.

I have now had Raven on the property for 3 years and 1 month and didn’t start riding much until the summer of 2015 after restarting her from the ground using clicker training and the Backing your horse online course.  Keep in mind that nearly 8 months of the year is winter here in Anchorage with ice, snow and no riding.  So, I’m thrilled we have reached 50 great rides…  it’s onward to more adventure from here on out!

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