Powerline Pass

May 16, 2020

Raven has been dealing with some front hoof issues for about 4 weeks, so we haven't been out riding.  She is just recently going for out for walks like a big dog and is doing ok, but still tender on the rocks.  I am looking forward to get getting better soon, so we can go riding again.  She's had diet changes in that she's getting less hay, a Thyroid Support supplement due to low thyroid in her blood test, but she did not have Cushings or metabolic syndrome.  (WHEW!)  As of our last ride late last year we were up to 133 bitless rides and doing GREAT!

I'm working with her on the laydown on cue and her directed glove retrieve.  Eventually, I will add a video of her completing the glove retrieve.

May 23, 2019

Raven and I went out on Ride #101 tonight - 2.5 miles through the neighborhood.  Up one of the steepest, longest hills in the area, then a cool down walk back home.   A good girl as always, but she needs so much more exercise to get into shape.

May 18, 2019

When I get home, Raven is anxious to get let out on the grass, so when I start working with her in her neck rope, all she does is pin her ears and hurriedly walk to the gate for me to open it. To open the gate rewards her bad behavior (IOW, tells her it's ok to ignore my requests and bullying me w/bad behavior works... NOT!).

So, I redirect her and when she walked away from the gate behaving well, I click/treat (CT). Working her in a large circle that takes her right past the gate triggers the same response as above, so at the part of the circle that's the furthest away from the gate, I ask for a turn away from the gate. She did it! Perfect! I did that a few times, then made her circle a little larger and a little larger until she was able to walk past the gate without saying LET ME OUT NOW. Total time? 10-15 minutes and maybe 6 rounds. I love clicker training!! =)

March 24, 2019

After our ride tonight, I rode Raven back into her pen and she did an absolutely PERFECT sidepass and stopped just like I asked in the perfect spot, so I could close the gate!!  Did she get a jackpot?  YES!!  =)

March 23, 2019

Rather than keeping a blog I decided to start doing a latest news page instead.  The snow is finally almost gone and we should be able to get out riding soon.  She's learned how to pick up my gloves over the winter and I've worked on getting her more willing to pick me up instead of ignoring me.  =)