Hug - taken by David Jensen

I had wanted another horse for 30 years when I found myself in awe of the wild mustangs and how incredibly healthy and majestic they were - completely without human intervention!  I finally reached a point in my life where I could have a horse again and after a LOT of preparation I adopted Raven, a BLM Mustang, after she went through basic training with her T.I.P. trainer in 2014.   Raven is the 1st horse I have trained to ride and I'm her original adopter.

I restarted her after a few bad experiences while riding because I realized she did not have the basics she needed to start riding.  Sort of like expecting a puppy to know what sit, down and stay mean just because I said the word.  I did not have the experience to teach her myself, so searched for a positive training method and enrolled in the "Back Your Horse" online course at Connection Training, a clicker/positive reinforcement web site.  I am SO grateful to have found such awesome support there and it's because of them that I was able to keep Raven!

The results...

Raven and I have now gone out on 133 enjoyable, relaxed bitless rides together - keeping in mind that we are not able to ride for at least 6-8 months because it's too icy out in Alaska.  The only time she has spooked or jumped was from birds flying out of the bushes maybe 100 yards ahead.  I honestly believe she takes care of me when we ride because sometimes she squeals due to no outside influence, but stays at a walk.

My experience

From my experience in training dogs for competition, I knew I did not like the force method of training and am very happy to say positive training also works wonderfully with horses!  If you're new to horses and/or training and feel in your heart that you want to train *positively*...  I encourage you to take the time to search for a positive trainer.   A few sites & trainers are listed on the Links page, if you're get a chance to check them out.

I am currently a member of World Bitless Association and have learned to trim Raven's hooves myself through clinics and videos.  She is barefoot, but gets Scoot Boots on her front feet when riding.

Awards while dog training include:  AKC High in Trial,, Dog World Award, Top 10 ranked for the breed (Rottweiler) for the year for both Novice & Open.  One year my LC Chihuahua was the only Top 10 Conformation LC for January that had an Obedience title (CDX).  My 1st/only breeding earned Bronze Production Award from parent club from the litter.

AKC TITLES:  1 UD (Utility Dog), 1 TD (Tracking Dog), 3 CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), 4 CD (Companion Dog), 5 RN (Rally Novice), 3 RA (Rally Advanced), 1 RE  (Rally Excellent), plus Agility titles up to the Open level.

CKC TITLES:  CD earned in Whitehorse by going High in Trial all 6 trials for High Aggregate, which also ranked my girl in the Top 10 Novice dogs for the year!

If you are interested in adopting a Mustang, there are rescue groups that save BLM branded Mustangs from kill pens all over the country who would like to hear from you.  I would be happy to set someone on the road to adoption, if  you contact me using the email address below or visit the Links page where I have listed a few that are very active in saving Mustangs.