Caring for your horse... naturally

Green Horse Organics - Naturally protect your horse against biting flies & mosquitoes with their all natural spray.  Raven doesn't appreciate being sprayed, but she sure likes the way the flies stay off her afterward... and she smells good.

Silver Linings Herbs - All natural herbs to treat your horse or dog - and they WORK!  Raven successfully uses the Herbal Wormer #13, plus #29 LCR, Thyroid Support and now the Hoof & Bone support.  I've recently started using their fly spray too.  The product is similar to GHO (above), but I've found the spray bottle easier to use.

Whole Equine ExcelEQ - Both I and Raven prefer Whole Equine's version of camelina oil.  Smells flowery and makes her coat shiny and soft.

Horseman's Labratory is easy to use and the more kits you purchase the cheaper the test gets. (as low as $17)  I'll always remember being told "Herbal wormers don't work" by the guy that reads the tests.  I said... "but they do because that's all I use and look at the results."  (w/Silver Linings Herbs #13)

Knot Just Rope - This is where I get all of Raven's Bitless Bridles... and she is 100% bitless!

Mustang Sanctuaries or 501(c)3 Mustang Rescues

Skydog Ranch - Oregon & California;  Rescues at risk Mustangs across America.

Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary & Training Center - Colorado;  Works with BLM to manage the Mustangs of Sand Wash Basin.  Many of the Mustangs here were bait trap captures.

Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue  - California;  Dedicated to saving both Mustangs and domestics from abuse, neglect & slaughter.

Evanescent Mustang Rescue and Sanctuary - Texas;  One of the few non-profit Mustang Rescues that will still save Mustangs from kill pens.  Listing of Mustangs available for adoption.

Mustangs MEND - Oregon;   Rescues both BLM Mustangs and Reservation Mustangs.  Listing of Mustangs available for adoption.

Grey Oaks Equine Sanctuary - Oklahoma;  Rescues BLM Mustangs from kill pens or pre-kill pen.  This is a sanctuary and does not look to offer Mustangs for adoption.

Facebook Pages - Mustang after Mustang is ending up at slaughter  pens.  Most of them are being ridden in their video from the kill lot & they don't have much time (days/hours) before they're loaded to the truck to be taken across the border and slaughtered.  If you're interested in saving one or more without going through the BLM application process, visit the pages below.

Save the Mustangs Network - South

Freedom Reins Ranch and Rescue



Positive Training / Trainers

International Horse Agility Club - Need new exercises to teach your horse?  Ever heard of dog agility?  This is very similar, but with your horse!

UNnatural Horsemanship - Dale Rudin - Positive reenforcement trainer in Tennessee

Ivy's Glide Gait - Ivy is a positive (clicker) trainer that specializes in gaited horses.  If you are looking for assistance bringing out the gait in your Mustang, contact Ivy!

Connection Training - Online training courses via video lessons, Forum and monthly online meetings for members.  (This is where I learned from)

Pony Peak Stangmanship - Jessica is also a T.I.P. trainer and is located in LaPorte, Colorado.  She has trained/gentled Mustangs using positive reinforcement.

Mary Kitzmiller Horsemanship - Also has trained/gentled Mustang(s) using clicker training and is based in Kemp, Texas.