Finally! Success on laying down..

After Raven laid down while doing a trim on her front hoof, I had a great idea.  Use picking up her hoof, plus a cue of pressure on her chest to get her to lean back.  The first session a few days ago, that’s all I clicked/treated her for…  a lowered head and leaning back.  The 3rd time, her lean back was to the point of her knee being on the ground, so I gave her a jackpot and quit.

Today, I clicked for more effort – a bigger lean back and almost a lay down.  She got multiple carrot slices for that one!  Then I picked up her foot again and clicked for big effort, continued to hold her hoof, clicked for more effort, then over she went!!  She started going flat out, but since that was not my goal, she slowly sat back up so she was just in a laydown position.  I emptied one of my coat pockets of all the carrot slices as her jackpot reward, then scratched her belly a bit, which she thoroughly enjoyed, then I backed up to let her get up and we were done.  =)

My goal is to eventually be able to just lean over/bend my knees in front of her as her cue to lay down and I totally can see her getting there quickly since it only took 2 training sessions for her to lay down.  SOOooo excited since I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get her to lay down for 2 YEARS.

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