What is the point of Positively Mustang?

The reason I made this web site is to let all horse owners that it IS possible to form an amazing bond with your horse through positive training methods - no ropes, no bits, no whips. You can ride metal-free, if you choose, but it is my opinion that a trusting bond must be formed first.   It took a good year of spending time with Raven regularly before I could see the change in how she acted toward me and the things around her.

For some reason, the world of training horses is against clicker (treat) training.  I can only guess the reason is they have never tried it.  I will say this about CT - it is a slower process.  The trainer needs to understand the basics of how to teach the horse - what the click means - when to click - then the horse needs to participate willingly in what is being taught to them before moving forward in training.   The trainer also needs to recognize a 'try' and click for that before asking for more.  The reward for the slower process is the relationship you then receive through this training.

Clicker training is so amazing because it gives your horse the choice to participate in the activity.  In other words, the horse is free in their pen.  I decided to give my Mustang the choice of working with me and in doing so, she has become a willing partner that loves me & takes care of me.

I enjoy learning as much as I can about training with CT and hope to have time to offer help to people who may be running into problems with their horse.  In the meantime, feel free to read more about me, Raven, watch videos of her "tricks" and things she's learned in the Gallery or read about our training/riding experiences in the Blog.

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